Avatars and wallpapers may be requested.


1: Right click the image you want and select "save this image as".
2: Save it as whatever you want.
3: Edit your smackjeeves profile and under avatar, click "browse". A list of folders will come up.
4: Select the folder you saved the image in and click OK. This will now be you avatar. You may host it if you want. Just don't expect me to give you alink for it.

If you want to request that I make an avvie from a certain page, go ahead. I do animated avatars as well, with a maximum of 5 slides. Yes, slides.

*If you upload the avatar from your computer and the file size is too large for smackjeeves, host it on a free image hoster or PM me for the URL. (Preferrably the first one)

Wallpaper 1


Banners coming soon.

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