Please PM me any fan art you have! Try not to make it too big please!

Submitted by Neogeorgia155
November 24, 2007

I love his expression! It's so cute! Thanks, Neogeorgia155!

Submitted by Leopardpelt
December 4, 2007

Aww, how cute! I love how Chika looks! Thanks, Leopardpelt!

Submitted by Spike116
December 12, 2007

Aww, A romantic night under the stars! Thanks, Spike116!

Submitted by Tyto Alba
January 20, 2008

Aww! I wish I had a style like that! Thanks, Tyto!

Submitted by pwnt2j
February 22, 2008

Yay! Pikapi and Chika human style! Thanks, pwnt2j!

Submitted by skittymitty
March 13, 2008

Thank you, skittymitty! Very cute!

Submitted by skittymitty
March 14, 2008

Thank you for so much fanart, skittymitty! They are all very adorable! Lol at Maru.

Submitted by Fire-Field/Flame Shadow
April 17, 2008

I got this off DeviantArt! Thank you, Fire-Field/Flame Shadow!! Very nice!

Submitted by Junethine
May 25, 2008

Awsome take on Team Friendship! Thanks, Junethine!

Submitted by Snowy
June 1, 2008

Cute! Love the little Pikapi doll!

Submitted by Megumi96
?, ?, 2008

I thought I saved it but I guess not.

Submitted by Team-Valor
September 3, 2008

Awsome! Loving the fact that James and Felix are in here, too! Thanks so much!

Submitted by digi300
September 25, 2008

Cute! James fanart! :3

Submitted by Neko
September 23, 2008

I recieved this as a sorta prize for just entering Neko's contest this summer. Thanks, Neko!

Submitted by Crystalbear
October 9, 2008

A birthday present from Crystalbear. Cute! Thanks, Crystalbear!

Submitted by Jelly_Bean
October 10, 2008

A birthday present from Jelly_Bean! Thanks!

Submitted by Le Jelleh
October 10, 2008

A cute birthday picture of most of team friendship! Thanks, Jelleh!

Submitted by Anonymous-Mystery
October 10, 2008

A happy birthday drawing of me from one of my friends at camp! Not exactly a PMDTF fanart...but where else do I put all this lovely art? XD Thanks, Anonymous!

Submitted by Fire-Field/Flame Shadow
October 10, 2008

A happy birthday from Fire-Field/Flame Shadow! Cute! Thanks, Fire-Field/Flame Shadow! Lol.

Submitted by Team_Valor/CloudedLeopard13
October 10, 2008

Thanks for this cute birthday pic, Team_Valor! Really awsome!

Submitted by digi300
October, 2008

A later birthday pic. Thanks, digi! XDD

Submitted by pokey lover
February 16, 2009

Thanks to pokey lover! Looks like Pikapi and Chika have spotted a Chingling! First fanart of 2009!

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