Question: PMDTF will pretty much follow the story of the PMD game. Do you want to see the afterstory as well?

1. Yes, I want to see the afterstory from PMD 1.
6 votes, 30%

2. No, but I want you to make up your own afterstory.
13 votes, 65%

3. No, I want this comic to end at the main story.
1 vote, 5%

4. No, you suck. This comic should die. XD
0 votes, 0% (Thank goodness XD)

So, I guess I'll have to get crackin' on my own afterstory. Thanks for voting!

Here is a new poll. I tried a different website this time. Poll ends August 1.

Do you want to see a PMD2 comic from me?

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